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Philippa de Burlet Small Round Vase

Small porcelain vase with stylish and bold floral design, perfect for displaying miniature bunches of cut flowers or displayed in the home.

After art school, Philippa de Burlet set up her first workshop in London. With some help from the Crafts Council she bought a kiln and a wheel and thirty years later she is still using the same equipment.

A few years ago she began to use porcelain, a change that has invigorated her practice and given her a thirst for more knowledge about this remarkable material. Each ‘raw’ pot gives her a sense of anticipation just as a blank piece of paper does. "I paint, trail, incise, print and stencil directly onto the unfired clay surface – a smooth, white inviting, curved surface – and although I have a plan, and possibly even a drawing – the ‘plan’ often changes on impulse".


Height : 10cm 
Width : 9cm

Philippa de Burlet Small Round Vase
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