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Terry Gilding Beech Bowl

This beautifully smooth handmade bowl using Beech wood features stunning natural detailing from the grain of the wood.

Terry Gilding has been a professional tree surgeon for nearly 20 years. After supplying many wood turners with wood and seeing the items they made, he embarked on a course at Dartington and then purchased his own lathe and tools. With an almost unlimited supply of wood he practised and experimented and achieved some greatly differing results!

After spending so much time climbing, cutting and working with trees in the locality, he has evolved a deep respect and understanding for them and the wood produced by them.

He considers his turnings to be a form of embalmment of a part of the tree which he has personally pruned or removed in the course of his work. He likes to think the items he makes will continue to enhance people's lives long after the tree has gone.

He particularly enjoys producing beautiful items from "faulty" wood, so that knots, cracks, fissures, decay or bark can be included in the design adjacent to a finely-finished surface. This type of wood is particularly abundant because of the poor specimens of trees he is normally called upon to deal with. Many pieces are produced from green (fresh) wood, turned thin, and the subsequent warping is integral to the design of the finished piece.

Every piece of work produced from one of these unusual pieces of timber is unique, a "one-off", never to be exactly copied by anyone.


Height : 6.5cm
Width : 20.5cm

Terry Gilding Beech Bowl
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