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Penny Seume Square Cushion

'Bath Deco Stone' - handmade cushion made from linen.

Penny Seume is a textile designer creating beautiful high quality fabric and products for interiors using imagery from the urban landscape as inspiration for atmosphere, texture and colour. Living and working in Bristol, Penny uses local and global imagery from her travels as inspiration; her unique designs reference the original location in a subtle way and capture some of their inherent mood and magic.

Capturing the landscape initially through photography and sketches, a visual reference of patterns and lines is created and translated back in the studio into layered acrylic and pastel paintings. Often many versions of the same view are painted to finalise composition and balance of colour. Finally collages are made with torn, dyed and painted paper to accurately depict the cityscape colours, mood and shapes, as well as adding layers and texture to reference the original visual information.

Penny uses high quality natural fabrics – linen, silk or furnishing cotton velvet, due to their tactile nature and rich light absorbing or reflecting properties. The fabric is used as a base on which to print details from the city collages and paintings, using contemporary digital printing techniques. The resulting fabric provides a personal and abstracted view of the city.


Height : 40cm
Width : 40cm

Dry clean only.

Penny Seume Square Cushion
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