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Siddy Langley Ammonite Sphere

Striking emerald green glass sphere with black ammonite patterns.

Siddy Langley makes studio glass and works with molten glass gathered from the furnace and precious metals such as gold, silver and tin. She fashions the individual pieces by hand. This free blowing ensures that each signed and dated piece is quite unique. Most of the decoration is applied before the glass is blown to form the delicate and intricate patterns that characterise her work.

As a diver, my glass has always been influenced by the sea and it's myriad moods. Moving to Devon has brought me closer to this most exciting of elements and the rural surroundings provide rich new inspiration for my work.  The making of the glass combines all the elements - earth, wind, fire and water - and as such seems a wholly natural process. I sometimes feel that I am no more than the catalyst bringing all these elements together for their own mysterious purpose.

Siddy Langley Ammonite Sphere
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