Porcelain Small Jug with soft blue glaze handbuilt by Taja Hand built porcelain jug with pale soft blue glazeby Taja Small ceramic jug with soft blue glaze handmade by Taja
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Taja Small Jug

This unique small oval jug with squared off pourer and wide handle is hand built in porcelain slab clay and is glazed with Taja's own recipe for warm soft blue-green hues that fluidly catch the light.  On the sides it has a delicate brown swirl.

All of Taja's porcelain tableware is made from sliced porcelain slab clay. So the shape and size of each work is slightly different. It has an organic ceramic feel to it - gentle and warm! The glazes are made using my own porcelain blue glaze recipe, so called Seiji glaze ( this literally means Porcelain Blue in Japanese )

Yasuharu (Taja) Tajima-Simpson studied drawing and painting at Gohki Art College, Kyoto, Japan, and taught himself pottery after coming to England in 1981. He and his wife established their pottery in Moretonhampstead, Devon, in 1983.

"The way I develop my work always comes from the texture of clay. So the most important thing about my work is to emphasise the texture of clay. The less you touch clay the better. That's why I like using the method of slab-built. I use slabs of clay like paper. Because of the limitations of the shape I can make, using my method sometimes brings me interesting shapes of pots. Then I get inspired by those shapes and make new work."


The tableware is durable being porcelain, dishwasher safe and can be used in a microwave, although it is not ovenproof.


Oval shape is 7.5 cm wide and 6.8cm deep

Overall width of jug is 15cm

Height 10cm

Taja Small Jug
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