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Gillie Hoyte Byrom Enamel Portrait Miniatures

Gillie Hoyte Byrom's booklet about her work with illustrations.

Gillie Hoyte Byrom creates miniature paintings in vitreous enamel on copper or gold. Subjects are mainly portraits of adults or children with a finished size of between one and five inches and they are set in standard or hand-crafted framed miniatures pictures or as jewellery or presented as enamel boxes with inscriptions. She can work from photos or life. The method of production using glass paints means that these works are heirlooms which can never fade in sunlight.

Gillie has her studio near Ashburton, in Devon, and has been producing her exquisite enamelled work since 1977. She regards herself as largely self-taught. During 1990 she studied the making of portrait miniatures in enamel at the Llotja School, Barcelona, with Andreu Villasis and Nuria Lopez Ribalta, taking master classes with Marie Angeles Cera to learn eighteenth century enamelling techniques. She was elected a member of the Royal Society of Miniaturists in 1994 and is also a member of the Hilliard Society and the British Society of Enamellers and chaired the guild of Enamellers on 2006/07.


Width 17cm

Height 24.5cm

Gillie Hoyte Byrom Enamel Portrait Miniatures
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